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Fall is here and it is time to get you and your cars and trucks ready for winter. Remember that the first few rains will bring out the oils from the pavement and be a little slick, so slow down a bit and give yourself more room to stop safely.

The easiest thing to overlook is your wipers. A good quality wiper might last a couple of years, but most need to be replaced every year. This simple task can make the difference between seeing a road hazard and becoming a road hazard. Check your wipers!

Check your tires for tread wear and tire pressure for the best wet road performance. If your tires are worn, but you think you want to stretch them a few more months, one accident will cost much more than going out and getting new tires now. Driving an unsafe vehicle is not worth saving a few bucks.

Drive Rite Driving School
Drive Rite Driving School
Current Pricing

Driver Education (Classroom Only - 30 Hours):
   $140    Advanced Purchase (4 days before class)
   $160    The day of the first class

Driver Ed Online:

Teen Driving Instruction (Behind the Wheel)
  3 Days, 2 Hours each:
   $480    Office Location or pick-up at SBHS
   $135    Deposit at Scheduling (non-refundable)
   $500    Hollister City pick-up (appointment only)
   Pickup at other locations: Call for Quote

Teen Driving Instruction:
   $160    (2 Hours Driving)

Teen Refresher Driving Course:
   $45    1/2 Hour Driving
   $65    1 Hour Driving
   $160    2 Hour Driving
   $480    (6 Hours Driving)

Adult (18+) Driving Instruction:
   $180    (2 Hours Driving)
   $135    Deposit at Scheduling (non-refundable)

Senior Refresher Driving Course (65+ years of age):
   $170    2 Hours Driving

Use of Drive Rite Cars for Driving Test:
   $120    Hollister
   $140    Gilroy

The use of the car will only be for students who we have taught and know they are capable of passing the driving test. Call our office for more information.

   $25 Duplicates

Cancellations / No Shows:
   $90    Cancellations / Rescheduling (with less than 48 hours notice)
   $100    No Show Fee

This fee will apply if you do not show up for an appointment, the appointment is not cancelled, or you do not have your permit with you and the appointment has to be cancelled and re-scheduled.

We look forward to serving you soon.
Give us a call today! (831) 638-4851

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Have fun out there .. and Drive Rite!

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Manresa Beach
Dana - "I attended Drive Rite Drivers Education Class. Martha was a great teacher and made the class go by quickly. Best of all I passed my permit test on the first try. I recommend to all my friends to take Drive Rite's class.

I also had a great experience with the behind the wheel courses through Drive Rite. They got me in right away so I could get my permit signed off and quickly get driving with my parents. The instructors are great! They are very patient and full of knowledge. Best of all they don't yell and scream like some parents :)"

Chelsea - "Drive Rite was the best! They picked me up after school and taught me how to park and drive in the city. Best of all, they taught me not to be scared of the freeway. When I was done, I passed the first time!"

Ethan - "When I am old enough ... I am going to Drive Rite!"