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For those of you who prefer to study independently, Drive Rite Driving School offers an online/computer Driver's Ed Course that can be learned at your convience.

When you sign up at Drive Rite, you can choose to take the Driver's Ed Class in the classroom or on your computer. If you choose the online/computer course, you will pay for it at Drive Rite. There you will receive a code and web address to go to and start the course. The course still requires 30 hours of Driver's Ed school, but you can proceed at your own pace and schedule.

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Remember that the Driver's Ed (classroom or online) course is the first thing you need to complete before you can get your California Driver's Permit. We offer two easy ways to complete the course and teach you what you need to know to pass that California DMV Written Driver's Test.

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Driving Tips 2

If you are going to the mountains for some winter sports fun, you either need to carry chains, have all-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive. The law says 4-wheel drive "with snow tires" for the most common "R2" condition. Caltrans has been letting most SUVs/trucks with good all-terrain tires and 4-wheel drive through, but they can stop you and ask if you have chains with your 4-wheel drive! Caltrans Winter Driving

slippery roads

If you need chains, put them on at home (in the warm) so you know that they fit and you will not be wasting time out in the cold on the side of a snowy road. Even if you plan on paying an installer, they are not on every highway in Califonia, be prepared to do it yourself if need be.

Also always have a good window ice scraper with brush. Get the long handle and the short handle types. If you can, carry a shovel. If you have never been stuck in the snow, you will be.