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Driving Tips 2

If you are going to the mountains for some winter sports fun, you either need to carry chains, have all-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive. The law says 4-wheel drive "with snow tires" for the most common "R2" condition. Caltrans has been letting most SUVs/trucks with good all-terrain tires and 4-wheel drive through, but they can stop you and ask if you have chains with your 4-wheel drive! Caltrans Winter Driving

slippery roads

If you need chains, put them on at home (in the warm) so you know that they fit and you will not be wasting time out in the cold on the side of a snowy road. Even if you plan on paying an installer, they are not on every highway in Califonia, be prepared to do it yourself if need be.

Also always have a good window ice scraper with brush. Get the long handle and the short handle types. If you can, carry a shovel. If you have never been stuck in the snow, you will be.

News and Updates 2

Holidays are Coming!

The Holiday season is very soon. Thanksgiving and Christmas are heavy travel times both in the air and on the road. Drive Rite wants you and your family to travel safely.

Leave early! Allow plenty of time to arrive at your destination. Slow down a bit and watch for inclement weather conditions. Give yourself plenty of space behind the car in front of you. Don't be rushed. It leads to tailgating and fast driving regardless of the weather. Be ready for slow traffic on get-away days.

Drive Patient, Drive Safe,
Drive Happy, Drive Rite.

Drive Rite Driving School
Drive Rite Driving School
Adult Drivers

Adult Drivers - Never Learned to Drive?

That's Ok!
   We can help you get your license.

No matter if you have never been behind the wheel before or if you have been driving for years but never finished your training, or you were too busy in high school, we can get it done for you. The accredited instructors at Drive Rite can assist you in attaining your driving goals.

How do I get started? Here is how:

  • Call Drive Rite at (831) 638-4851
  • Enroll in our Driver Training Course
    • You will need some Behind the Wheel Instruction
  • Get your Instruction Permit
    • Be at least 18 years old
    • Study for your California DMV Written Test
    • Go to your local DMV Office
      • Fill out Form DL 44
        • Form must be picked up or mailed from DMV
      • Supply your Full True Name, SSN, Thumb Print
      • Pay the DMV Application Fee
      • Pass a Vision Exam
      • Take and pass the DMV Traffic Laws and Sign Test
        • 36 Questions (3 chances to pass)
  • With your Permit you can Drive!
    • Must drive with a licensed (CDL) adult, 18 years +
    • Take Driver Training at Drive Rite
      • Receive Training as needed
      • No min. hours required
    • Practice until ready for the DMV Driving Test
    • Work on skills learned from Drive Rite Instructor
    • Drive Rite can perform a practice DMV Driving Test
  • Schedule your DMV Driving Test
  • Take the DMV Driving Test
  • Get your picture taken after you pass
    • Adult Drivers License is not restricted like Teens
  • New Driver Resources

Done! As an adult, many of the requirements for the Teens do not apply. You can get your permit and take the driving test when you are proficient enough to pass the test. This is where Drive Rite can really help you. We can drive with you and access your proficiency, then help you work on any skills you need to improve before you go to the DMV and schedule your driving test. Let us help you pass the first time.

Learning to drive correctly, defensively and with good driving habits will help assure many years of fun behind the wheel. Nobody wants to be in an accident or get stopped by the Police or Highway Patrol. By driving smart and safe, you will improve your odds greatly! Learn from the pros at Drive Rite.

Let's Go Driving! Give us a call today at (831) 638-4851

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Have fun out there ... and Drive Rite!

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News and Updates

School Crossing

Welcome to Drive Rite!

School is in, so please drive careful. California has one of the faster speed limits around schools at 25 mph. Nevada is 15 mph and others are 20 mph. Please slow down around the schools. Remember that 25 mph can still cause extensive car damage and can serously hurt pedestrians.

Driving Tips 6

Green Light = GO!! "
WRONG! Green light = look left, look right, look straight, look left again, then go. Just because it is green does not guarantee a safe trip through the intersection.

Same thing goes for stop signs. If it is your turn, you still need to check all directions before proceeding (left, right, straight, left again). What about merges and yields? Same. Even if you have the right-of-way, look all directions and keep safe spacing.

Remember: not all drivers out there pay attention to lights and signs, so you must do it for them ... and for you.