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Holidays are Coming!

The Holiday season is very soon. Thanksgiving and Christmas are heavy travel times both in the air and on the road. Drive Rite wants you and your family to travel safely.

Leave early! Allow plenty of time to arrive at your destination. Slow down a bit and watch for inclement weather conditions. Give yourself plenty of space behind the car in front of you. Don't be rushed. It leads to tailgating and fast driving regardless of the weather. Be ready for slow traffic on get-away days.

Drive Patient, Drive Safe,
Drive Happy, Drive Rite.

Drive Rite Driving School
Drive Rite Driving School
About Drive Rite
Drive Fun, Drive Safe, Drive Rite!

Mission Statement:
  • To provide the community with highly qualified driving instructors. Our instructors are all well trained and licensed through the California DMV. Our goal is to help produce safe and proficient drivers through ethical and sound education and business practices.
  • To promote professionalism within the other driving school industries.
  • To instill good driving habits for our students.
  • To improve driver safety within our community.

Drive Rite is a full-service driving school for all ages. We teach teens how to drive safely and pass the California DMV Driving Tests. We also teach older adults who never learned to drive or need some refreshing to pass the DMV Tests and we will give the elderly some help and refresh their skills so they can keep on driving.

We teach the classroom Drivers Ed at our Hollister location and also have online classes available if you cannot make the classroom schedule or prefer to go at your own pace.

We serve the Hollister, San Juan and San Benito County, Salinas as well as the South Santa Clara County including Gilroy, San Martin and Morgan Hill. We have a convenient pick-up service if you choose that option. We will pick you up and return you to your home or office.

Hollister California

We have a lifetime of driving experience in this beautiful area. We know the roads and the laws very well and can help you attain your driving goals.

Give us a call today! (831) 638-4851

Hollister California

Have fun out there .. and Drive Rite!

Beautiful California

Serving the Hollister, San Juan, Salinas, Gilroy and Morgan Hill areas of the beautiful California Central Coast.
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School Crossing

Welcome to Drive Rite!

School is in, so please drive careful. California has one of the faster speed limits around schools at 25 mph. Nevada is 15 mph and others are 20 mph. Please slow down around the schools. Remember that 25 mph can still cause extensive car damage and can serously hurt pedestrians.

Driving Tips 4

As you are walking towards your car, do a simple once-over check. Look for any signs of leaking fluids underneath. Visually check the tires and tire pressure. And if you notice something, make sure to take care of it or tell the right person about it. Do not drive on underinflated tires or try to drive after half the coolant has leaked out.

Important!: If you back out of your garage or driveway before going on your way, walk behind the car and look for anything that might be in the way. Just because you might not see anything in your mirrors, does not mean there is nothing there. Kids like to leave their bikes and toys everywhere. Kids also like to play almost anywhere. Dads leave their yard tools lying around sometimes.

So remember to check your car and the surroundings before getting in and driving off.